Call Me By Your Name (Call Me By Your Name, #1)

by André Aciman

  • Forever Connected

    Fifteen years on from that fateful summer, Elio paid Oliver a visit at the college where he taught. Oliver invited Elio back to his house for dinner so he could meet his wife and children but Elio rejected his offer. He simply couldn’t do it. It would hurt seeing what Oliver had and thinking about w

  • The End

    For his last three days before heading back to America, Oliver brought Elio to Rome with him. They lived their love out loud without a care for who saw them. It was the best time of Elio’s life and he wouldn’t have minded getting to live it out that way forever but alas, it had to end. Filled with

  • Lovers

    Life became so special and beautiful for Elio after that night with Oliver. Everything made sense, went right, and fell into place. They were lovers but also the best of friends, with their thoughts and desires aligned. There were times when Elio thought of himself as weird and disturbing, but Olive

  • A Life Changing Moment

    Despite sharing kisses, flirtations, and secret moments, Oliver made it clear that they can’t ever go any further. Some days, he would ignore Elio and disappear entirely. After quite some time of continued silence, Elio finally left a letter for Oliver saying they needed to talk. Oliver replied with

  • Confession

    Oliver was usually rushing from one place to another. He always had someplace he needed to be at, whether it involved his work, workout, or splitting his time in between all his new friends. Oliver was heading into town to pick something up and he invited Elio along. Elio was determined to make the

  • A Welcome Distraction

    Chiara, much like Elio, was just another individual hopelessly in love with Oliver. Oliver was often out for long periods without anyone knowing where he’s was, what he was doing, or who he was with. Elio wondered and wondered. He was sad and heartbroken, but everyone assumed it was because of his a

  • Growing Jealousy

    Most people who got the chance to know Oliver became as interested in him as Elio was. This was the case when Chiara came over and met him. The second that she did, Elio knew she wanted him. Years ago, Chiara always pestered Elio and wanted his attention. At the time, she was just a young, little gi

  • Pining Over Oliver

    Elio spent much of his time watching Oliver’s every move. He watched his actions, clothes, and words. He knew what mood Oliver would be in when he wore a particular piece of clothing. The two of them spent a lot of afternoons together that summer. The previous houseguest had liked working alone in h

  • Friendship Vs. Infatuation

    If anyone were to ask, Elio would have said he didn’t know what it was that he was feeling or when he started feeling this specific way about Oliver. It would be a lie. Elio stayed in the denial stage for as long as he could. He convinced himself that he was interested in Oliver because he wanted to

  • A New House Guest

    The nonchalant and laidback American, Oliver – who seemed okay with anything and everything, who remained unconcerned whatever it is that happened – would be a summer houseguest. During their first meeting upon Oliver’s arrival, Elio had found his entire nature to be so jarring as compared to their

  • The Perlmans’ Welcoming Nature

    Indeed, Elio doesn’t have a lot of friends in his life, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get the chance to meet a lot of interesting and intelligent individuals. He has crossed paths with so many different types of people from various countries, with different backgrounds, interests, and talents. E

  • The Innocent, Inexperience Elio

    In his free time, Elio Perlman reads in his private corner of the world where he’s surrounded by good books. It’s how he became so knowledgeable on varying topics at just 17 years old and it’s the reason why people think he’s very mature. When he’s not reading, Elio’s typically transcribing music an

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