by Angela Duckworth




  • Where Grit is Grown

    While the research for this isn’t bulletproof, the author believes that extracurricular activities are a primary playing field of grit. She is of the opinion that every child should be motivated to join and stay on in such an activity for at least a year. This sustained investment in an activity let

  • Psychological Wisdom and Growing Grit

    Parenting is a tough job, parenting for grit, even if you’re a gritty person yourself, is even more challenging. Through her research, Angela Duckworth discovered that the parents of gritty people are both demanding and supportive, aspects that some may think are mutually exclusive. This style of pa

  • Dream Bigger than Yourself

    Passion can lead us to great places. However, when the passion is something that focuses only on the self, it is easy to give up, even if you have already invested a lot of time and effort. For those at the top of their fields, their life philosophies, their ultimate goals, tend to involve other peo

  • Blind Effort Gets You Nowhere

    There are people who, despite all their best efforts, never get far in life. Even if they have gone through improvement, they are now stuck on a never-ending plateau. This is a hurdle that a great majority of people experience. The root of the problem is that the wrong kind of hard work is being inv

  • Setting Your Life Philosophy

    Here’s the trouble with humans: We have short attention spans. More often than not, a new thing will catch our interest and we’ll give up on what we were working on before. This isn’t necessarily bad. After all, there’s no point in pursuing something that doesn't resonate with you. However, giving u

  • Passion is Direction, Perseverance Gets You There

    When we’re young, we usually get asked the same old questions. What’s your favorite color? What’s your favorite food? What do you like doing? When we are children, the answers to these questions tend to come easily, not requiring much thought. These determine our interests, which captures our atte

  • Grit Helps You Grow

    When we think about high achievers, we tend to only see the success. We see a person that is fully grown, with their goals realized. Because of that image, we mistakenly assume that they must be born with natural talents that allowed them to go so far. In truth, top-performing people are constant

  • Wrongly Over-Emphasizing Talent

    Regardless of the field or industry, we usually prioritize talent rather than hard work. Even if someone has put in a great amount of effort to get to the top of their playing field, the first quality we assume is that the person is innately talented in the first place. Talent is helpful. It deter

  • Grit: Passion and Perseverance

    Just as the title of the book prescribes, grit is essentially an interplay between passion and perseverance. Without one or the other, grit cannot be found. Unfortunately, all these concepts are rather vague and abstract. After all, how do you quantify passion? For the author, just intense interes

  • Success Comes Not with Passion, but Grit

    Everyone wants to succeed in life, whatever that means to the individual. But how does one achieve their life goals? What are the criteria included in the list required to get from here to there? If you don’t have talent, should you just give up? According to Angela Duckworth, high achievers need a

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