Do More Faster

by Brad Feld,David G. Cohen




  • Avoid “everythingitis” ; forget the kitchen sink

    The idea is that as startup you have no resources to do many things just narrow down your focus: a) Just 3 features. b) Simplicity. c) Focus on the transactional process.

  • Respond to your stakeholders | Installing a "Zero Email" Habit

    a) Auto-responded messages b) Email to investors- within 4 hours c) Email to others-max 48 hours d) Using Evernote

  • How you can build a customer-obsession startup / organization.

    a) Target audience -early adopters. find ways to cross the chasm quickly with the less minimum churn. b) Customer insights| Iterate with them. Speak to customers and learn what they want; quarterly; monthly; whenever you feel they want to say something. c) Compete insights. learn more about the c

  • Culture eats strategy for breakfast. What is your cultural mantra?

    4H's Cultural model of one of the founders of Techstars. Honest, Hungry, Humble, Happy. What’s yours? have you ever thought about it ?

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