Love Warrior

by Glennon Doyle Melton




  • What means IN LOVE?

    ''I'd always assumed that in love was some perfect storm of feelings that some couples were just lucky enough to have. But now I wonder, is love not a feeling but a place between two present people? A sacred place created when two people decide it's safe enough to let their real selves surface and t

  • Compromising?

    Maybe a compromise is okay. Maybe too hard to leave is a good enough reason to say. Love is not a victory march; it’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah.

  • The Journey of the Warrior

    ''The journey is learning that pain, like love, is simply something to surrender to. It's a holy space we can enter with people only if we promise not to tidy up. So I will sit with my pain by letting my own heart break. I will love others in pain by volunteering to let my heart break with theirs. I

  • Journey of the Warrior - hot loneliness

    We either allow ourselves to feel the burn of our own pain or someone we love gets burned by it.

  • Is pain good for you?

    You are NOT supposed to be happy all the time. Life hurts and it's hard. Not because you're doing it wrong, but because it hurts for everybody. Don't avoid the pain. You need it. It's meant for you. Be still with it, let it come, let it go, let it leave you with the fuel you'll burn to get your work

  • What is the problem?

    ''His whole life has been a retreat into his body. My whole life has been a retreat into my mind. Is this why it is so hard for us to love each other? Because he understands love to be the joining of two bodies, and I believe love to be the joining of two minds? Neither of us is bringing our whole s

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