Find Your Why

by Simon Sinek




  • Keeping the Why alive

    There is no point of going through the journey of finding your Why if you are just going to set it aside and forget about it. When this happens, it’s called a “split,” and it’s crucial that you avoid it. If you have trouble explaining your Why, then it is

  • The hard task of sharing the Why

    The journey to discovering your Why and articulate the How’s seems like a daunting task. But this is just the beginning of achieving fulfillment. Acting on what you believe in and sharing it with people in your life will be the hard work. Sharing the Why can be scary, and you’re not always going to

  • From theory to practice

    Not all the themes you’ve identified in the last Idea are going to make it into your Why statement. And that’s ok because those themes can help make your statement practical, becoming the foundation of your How’s. The How’s offer a guideline that will assist you in applying the Why statement to you

  • Why: A journey and a discovery

    There are a lot of individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations who are not able to answer this question: “Why do you do what you do?”. For such people, Why is a journey that they must go through, taking the first essential steps to find the answer they are looking for and experience fulfillment.

  • Power of purpose

    Why is not just an idea that offers peace of mind because you know what your inspiration is, and you know the path you want to follow. It’s much more than that. It’s a “versatile tool” that can be used in personal growth and success, as well as inspiring other people. This tool brings clarity, makin

  • Value of Golden Circle

    Feelings are extremely important because how we feel about things plays a critical role in our decision-making, than what we think about them. Finding one’s Why is about putting those feelings into words, which is a challenging task. The Golden Circle is the perfect tool to help you do this. Why a

  • Importance of leading with Why

    Organizations and individuals cannot achieve success if they are not able to identify what motivates them. The best way of finding ones’ inspiration, is to lead with Why instead of what. When a company is looking for new clients, they start their pitch with what they do and follow up with how they

  • The connection between fulfillment and Why

    It is not possible to experience true fulfillment without discovering the Why. To understand the connection between fulfillment and Why, it’s important to know the difference between happiness and fulfillment. Happiness comes from individual actions, and it fades away quickly, but satisfaction comes

  • What's my purpose?

    Why do you do what you do? If you have trouble answering this question, 'Find Your Why' is the perfect read for you. The book offers a practical guideline that can help individuals and organizations find their Why. It shares the steps that provide a clear path to connect work with a sense of purpo

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