Brief Answers to the Big Questions

by Stephen Hawking

  • Colonizing New Planets to Survive

    Presently, Mars and the Moon are the only possible space colonies. Both present problems. The moon is small, has no atmosphere, and limited water. However, it could serve as a suitable base, and it would not take new science to figure out how to get there. Mars provides no protection from solar ra

  • Time Travel

    In 1905, Einstein suggested that time travel could be possible if a person managed to travel faster than the speed of light because of the inextricable relationship between space and time. Presently, there is not enough fuel in the world to power a device of that magnitude. Surely, there can be othe

  • Black Holes Explained

    It was initially thought that black holes, a consequence of one or multiple stars collapsing in under their gravitational force, had nothing inside of them and provided no record of what was swallowed. Much research in the field of black hole collapse revealed that even though it is impossible to se

  • Time Travel Via Black holes

    Wormholes are a kind of space-time warp that would provide a portal through different locations in space-time. However, in order to make space-time curve backward in a way that would produce a wormhole, a density of negative mass and energy would need to be present. Though far-fetched, the field o

  • Human’s Future of Evolution

    With breakthroughs in genetic research, humans continue to evolve and could ultimately breed a sort of superhuman. Furthermore, the ways in which humans can save and share data has allowed the species to evolve beyond DNA. Information is stored on computers and in books instead of in tightly bound

  • The Molecular Make-Up of Life:

    The most basic single-celled organisms were alive 500 million years after Earth was created, and Earth itself took over nine billion years to come on the scene. For any life to exist, there must be carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen. As a complex compound, it took the universe some time to create the co

  • Thoughts & Philosophies of The Universe's Origins

    From the beginning of time, humans have questioned their existence. “Where did we all come from?” and “Why are we all here?” are the big questions that have been asked for centuries. Initially, myth was used to answer them. Creation myths always imagine the beginning of the universe, and they all ce

  • The future of Artificial Intelligence and human life.

    Much of human evolution occurring in the past centuries has been technologically based. Currently, Artificial Intelligence (AI), is nowhere near an intelligence equal to or greater than humans. AI can provide solutions for some of the world’s largest problems such as famine and poverty but can als

  • Human Life on Earth is Currently Unsustainable.

    The world is in dire condition, with many factors threatening its future. Climate change is rapidly increasing to the point that the pollutions and harms from it are recreating themselves. Combined with a steadily growing population, humans have over-exhausted the Earth. Policymakers and world lea

  • The impossibility of predicting the future

    In early science, it was assumed that the future position of objects could be ascertained if their current position was known. It was accepted that the conditions of the universe at one time could predict all other conditions. If this were true, science could predict the future. However, there is a

  • The possibility of life outside of earth

    Humans have been around for well over 2 million years. This suggests that the Earth had the perfect conditions for intelligent life to develop and thrive. Given all the fluctuations and possibilities of the universe, that’s incredibly significant. Moreover, life evolved quickly from single-cell orga

  • Time and space began at the The Big Bang

    Time and space began at the same time. Other natural laws easily disprove this in the existence of stars and how they light the night sky. If the entire universe began at the same time, then all the stars in the entire universe would be glowing just as bright as each other because they came about at

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