The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

by Stephen R. Covey

  • Sharpen The Saw: The Mental and The Emotional

    Sharpening the saw means to continue to improve the human-machine. Flexing your mental muscles is reading books, doing brain puzzles, and having in-depth conversations that stretch your ideas and thinking and push you to research new areas and topics that you would not have thought of before. Havi

  • Quadrants of Time Management: 3 & 4

    Quadrant 3 is Not Important but it is Urgent. These activities include Interruptions, some calls, some mail, some reports, some meetings, proximate pressing matters, popular activities. Quadrant 4 is Not Important and it’s Not Urgent. It’s Trivia, busywork, some mail, some phone calls, time waster

  • Centers We Start From: Work, Possessions, Pleasure, Friend/Enemy, Church

    Work is similar to money, so it is possessions. Pleasure is similar to possessions; the person living a possessions-centered life is all about what they can obtain. When they cannot obtain something they are devastated. Pleasure is the same- living for pleasure fulfillment that takes nothing else i

  • Be Proactive- Social Constructs

    So what makes us, us? Well, there are three determinism theories that most people subscribe to, especially persons who implement personality ethics. There is Genetic determinism that is basically blaming our behavior on our grandparents and heredity. Blaming our parents and how they treated us and t

  • Sharpen the saw: The Physical & The Spiritual

    Sharpening the saw is a metaphor for taking care of the human asset. The four dimensions of renewal are regarding the physical, the mental, the social/emotional, and the spiritual. The physical dimension is probably the easiest to describe. A person's physical health: the way their body is functio

  • Synergize

    Everything working together in harmony and symbiotically is synergy. It’s the energy that is created when organisms work together on a fundamental level that propels them upward and onward to greatness. There is Synergy in communication, Synergy in the classroom, and Synergy in the organization. Th

  • Seek First To Understand

    When people converse there are four types of listening. The first two are reactive personality ethics types: ignore and pretend to listen. These people are not listening at all; the first with blatant disregard for the speaker, and the second is patronizing the speaker or trying to manipulate them b

  • Think Win/Win

    There are six paradigms of human interaction. Win/Win- mutual benefit in all human interactions. Win/Lose- deeply scripted, comparison, and competition, someone must win, and therefore someone must lose. Lose/Win- worse than win/lose, low self-esteem, weak position, subjugating yourself for other’s

  • Deposits in The Emotional

    There are six major deposits you can make into the emotional bank account and the first one is probably the most important and it is understanding the individual. Understanding the individual is clear: you have to have an understanding of the person that you are trying to relate to. If the person t

  • Emotional Bank Accounts

    The Emotional Bank Account is a paradigm in which our interactions are a series of checks and balances. You build a reserve into the emotional bank account by being kind, courteous, having integrity, and having a deep understanding of the people that you're interacting with. When you have built a se

  • Using Stewardship to Take Control

    The way to properly delegate is to employ stewardship. Stewardship is giving a person a task/job/project and leaving it in their capable hands. Stewardship focuses on results rather than methods. So long as you provide them with clear expectations in the following five areas you both will be success

  • Quadrants of Time Management: Quads 1 & 2

    Quadrant 1 is where Reactive people live their lives. Everything is happening to them; in this quadrant, you are not taking initiative you are being acted upon. Quadrant one is filled with Crises, Pressing problems, deadline-driven projects. These are Urgent Important matters. These matters occur in

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